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Discover Bible School

The Discover Guides will help you discover answers to some of life's deepest questions, such as:

  • How can I find peace of mind?
  • Is there hope for our chaotic world?
  • Is there life after death?
  • How can I find love, hope and security?

Landmarks of Prophecy

  • Fascinating DVD presentations with companion study guides
  • Bible prophecy made clear
  • Learn about last day events, the coming of Christ, death, heaven & hell, antichrist, mark of the beast, and more!

It Is Written Bible Studies

  • Beautifully illustrated Bible study guides are in-depth, yet easy to understand
  • Question-and-answer format
  • Find Bible answers on the most important topics for your life, future, and salvation!



Studying the Bible is a great way to grow in your walk with Jesus. The following links contain some resources and Bible study guides. Feel free to use them in your own personal study as well as sharing them with others.

   A series of 30 question-and-answer Bible Studies

SDA Church's Response to Women's Ordination - Video

Discover Bible School - Online Bible Courses

Amazing Facts - Online Bible school

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